Mobile car CLeaning & Valeting

Read here about what I can do for your vehicle. Three levels of cleaning & valeting to bring back that shine.

Experience the difference.

Professional Car CLeaning Service

At Kev’s Auto Shine you can be sure your vehicle will be treated with the utmost care and dedication. When I’ve finished you will see the attention to detail and the level of service you can expect from me.

Using cleaning methods and none other than high end quality products that will ensure your vehicle is given the treatment it deserves.

Select The Level That's Right FOr you!

Maintenance Wash

£ 18
  • Body work pre-wash
  • Body work hand wash
  • Wheels cleaned inc wheel arches
  • Tyre wall cleaned
  • Wheels dried & tyres dressed

At Kev’s Auto shine I will keep your vehicle to a standard where it is maintained and cleaned with my maintenance wash.
Starting with the wheels, they will be thoroughly cleaned using wheel brushes and dedicated products to get in to the spokes and the barrel of the wheel to remove the grime and muck picked up from the roads with daily driving. Wheel arches will be flushed to remove the dirt.

The tyre walls will also be cleaned. Cleaning the tyres is an important part of the process as only then can you apply a tyre dressing to give them a clean fresh look, otherwise you are simply applying it to the dirt that is on there!

After that is a pre-wash. Using a pre-wash solution and jet wash the car is covered in a snow like foam to remove any loose contamination. Cleaning products are also then applied to aid the process, removing contamination. This is done to loosen the dirt on the car and reducing the possibility of swirls and scratches to your paintwork when doing the hand wash.

After a time to dwell this is then rinsed and a thorough hand wash can begin using a dedicated wash mitt that removes any remaining dirt. The vehicle will be dried using soft microfibre towels.

My maintenance plus is my most popular service among my customers. Along with the maintenance wash as detailed above you also get the following:

A detailing spray will be added to the drying process to give a shine finish on the exterior of you vehicle. The door shuts and sills will be cleaned including the boot.

On the inside of your vehicle I will remove any rubbish, dust all surfaces and vacuum throughout the vehicle including the seats and boot area. The inside windows will also be cleaned. This service will present your vehicle with a clean fresh look inside and out!

Maintenance PLUS

£ 40
  • Maintenance Wash
  • Exterior detail spray applied
  • Door shuts and sills cleaned
  • Interior vacuumed and dusted
  • Interior windows cleaned

Stand out shine

£ 65
  • Maintenance Plus
  • Exterior trims dressed
  • Interior trim, dashboard etc cleaned
  • Floor mats cleaned
  • Carpets and seats cleaned

Stand out shine will give your vehicle that extra wow factor!
Maintenance plus will be included along with the following: 

On the outside any plastic trims, grills, and chrome finishes will be given that extra detail and dressed with dedicated products.

On the inside, your dashboard area, centre console, cup holders, pockets and trims will be cleaned and brought back to shine.

Floor Mats and carpets will be cleaned using a wet vac and products and any grubby marks on fabric and leather seats will be cleaned to bring back that new look giving your whole vehicle that extra special treatment making it a pleasant experience again to be in your car on a daily basis.